Hello welcome to the Angelic Tranquility!
In this guild we are about roleplaying for all people,so you don't have to be an expert rper to join.
We are also committed to doing good deeds all over gaia like giving advice to people, making friends, helping others on quests and so much more.
We are also about having fun so come and join us please.

But we do have a few rules
1. Follow Gaia's TOS.
2. Be semi-literate at least.
3. Please attempt to be an active member of this guild.
4. Always try to spread joy and be nice.
5. Have fun! smile
6. Try to post at least once every week if you can.

When you request to join our guild please include the form below:
~How many days of the week do you normally spend on gaia?
~Why do you want to be in our guild? :
~Will you try to be active and follow our guild rules? :