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Шelcome to a place where the light of the moon means more than gold to the life of it's residents. Come, enjoy a life of luxury, romance, action, and whatever your human heart desires. But be warned, this town of party by night and sleep by day holds more frightening things than a mugger armed with guns. This city's monsters are armed to the teeth, literally.

Come and join us in this on going battle of bats and dogs, life and death. This battle called Fang VS Fang.
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ong long ago this city called Colmillo wasn't a city at all, but owned by two rich families who owned a lot of land. Before the mansion was built it was all used by a very very old rich family. They had owned a castle on the land for many years, and it was passed down from generation to generation. After many a century the estate got a neighbor, it's first and only one.

All was at peace and they got along okay, though they disagreed with how the newly rich family flaunted their money with decor and the size of estate when the family at the time was small. The families became good friends, talking and dining together. The friendly families even worked to help find the young women to marry the young men for their neighbors.

All of that changed on a single night. Two young boys, one from each family, were hanging out in the fields. They heard a noise and went to investigate. To their horror they spotted a young woman from the castle, who was to be wed in a month's time, in the arms of the father of the mansion boy.

Within a week the families were fighting, accusing each other of seduction and being scoundrels. The families began to result to ruining the other's crops and other vandalism. The attacks grew more hostile, bloody at times, as fights broke out.

Tired of the other family the Head of the Mansion Estate, overcome with the desire for vengeance and power, gave his life to become a creature feared by most. A vampire. His family was slowly effected by the curse as well. They soon became overcome by something they had not expected, blood-lust.

A young child from the mansion arrived at the castle, pleading for death. Startled, the woman of the house dropped her glass and began to cry. The young boy was terrified as he watched the husband's feral nature manifest, as he changed before his eyes into a wolf the size of a bear. That night the family of were-wolves burned the mansion to the ground in hopes of killing the clan of vampires, or driving them away.


Basic Rules:
Must know before sending in a join request

♦ Must be able to receive PM's from the crew/captains
♦ Must read announcements
♦ Semi-Literate and above ONLY
♦ NO one-liners (some exceptions made)
♦ All posts must be in Past -Tense 3rd Person
♦ Rules are Subject to change and you must follow all changes

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Before Requesting to join make sure you include:
How you found the guild:
What do you like about Vampires or Were-wolves?:
Example of Role-play:
Can you make guild banners?: (if yes do they move?)
Anything else you want to tell us: