You were approached.
How they look doesn't matter, as you soon learned.
They offered you a chance to lead a larger life, to see and do more.
You said yes.

The world of the Tier is filled with intrigue and danger. A silent political war is being fought between the Crown, the People, and the Church. Except, it's become not-so-silent as of lately. Tier and their Watchers have been found dead on the streets and there have been weekly bombings by an unnamed source. One begins to wonder if they made the right choice.

-The Crown is Bec Illiune. He is trying his best to keep the already thin civility of the Tier intact. He's not a bad king, but the ideals of humans have thoroughly seeded themselves within the Tier community and people are starting to wonder if they really need a king. He used to be supported by the Church, as his appointment was given to him by the highest among them, E'jira, who stands as the living deity of the Tier. Most who follow the Church still support the Crown.

-The Church is currently in chaos. The Deity they so worship has disappeared. While the Tier brace for civil war, some among the Church have conspired to overthrow the Crown and place their own at the head of the people. They look to E'jira for approval, but her vanishing has left them without guidance.

-The People are quite split when it come to who to follow. Younger Tier have started resenting the traditions of yesteryear and have begun an attempt to overhaul the political system. Unfortunately, this is not a path they can afford, economically and physically. Recent tragedy has incited them into an uproar, after several Tier were executed for grave reasons. Their progeny started this revolution, and the Watchers they left behind wander the streets of Aer'nier doing who knows what.
The older Tier stand behind the Crown, though some looking to elevate their position in society have taken their own side. They live in feigned ignorance to the chaos and pretend it doesn't exist. The few who accept it have made themselves a target for an unknown splinter group.