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Long ago in ages past there lived a woman known as Edenia Yamaki who was a renown witch who was part of a powerful clan, the Yamaki clan. A clan that made other clans quiver in fear because of their knowledge in magic arts. One night Edenia pondered on creating a being powerful enough to lead the Yamaki clan, concentrating vigorously she brought to life a creature that no one could rival against. A vampire, a vampire whom she named Yusuke Yamaki, the leader of the Yamaki clan. As time passed on the two spent time together and eventually grew to love one another. Through their love a son had been born, they named their son Souken. The nobles had found out about the love affair and were angered that Edenia fell in love with something she herself created. At that time the nobles plotted to have Edenia killed and have the son locked away in fear of the boy becoming a major threat to overthrow Yusuke. On the day of Souken's 3rd birthday the nobles sent out assassin to Edenia's home posing as injured men for the nobles knew that Edenia was a expert in healing magic and that would be the perfect bait. Edenia went out to greet them followed by Yusuke and their son. Edenia was none the wise of the oncoming ruse that will be her undoing. The assassins grab hold of her and forcefully tie her to a wooden stake while more assassins held Yusuke back letting him watch the death of the one he loved. Meanwhile out of the shadows came a man who took the little boy before backing away into the shadows vanishing from sight leaving Yusuke to suffer alone.

13 years later after the tragedy, Yusuke sought to create a sanctuary for the supernatural while also secretly building a force that would be mighty enough to make the nobles pay for what they did. After months of construction Amazedenia was finished and Yusuke's plan was set into motion.

Are you willing to join the cause or will you help to bring Yusuke and his forces down?