Long ago a dreamer created a place known to many as "Wonderland." This would fail to be an exact name as those whom came to this beautiful utopia were soon slain and imprisoned.

There were five "Alices" One for each suit and twins for the suit of hearts. One by one they each descended into the world of the dreamer controlled by, an evil creature known as the "Dream" who took a great and deep, pleasure in watching them each fall to their own fatal flaw.

The first Alice, a woman whom held too much wrath within her heart and slew all, who stood in her way drifted through the woods, her blade eternally blood soaked and sharp. The dream saw it fit she was bled dry by her own inability to take notice of others and encased her in her own misery deep in the woods.

The second Alice, a man who made the dream swoon with a voice of pure beauty but created unsightly things drawn from the pride he held deep in his heart. soon, The dream saw it fit he should suffer thoughts of insanity allowing his madness to consume him along with the bullet to his mind encasing him in his silent torments.

The third Alice, a fair maiden who charmed all but the dream soon rose to become the queen of the lands, was seen as a fair and beautiful woman. A woman whom was filled with lust for more power. The dream saw her lust for beauty also and with this, the dream saw fit to show her a dream of her death by aging. The young queen trapped herself with her fears and remained there for the eternity she would spend as a pawn.

The fourth Alice, two sweet children. A boy and girl whom were a delight to watch as they found each resting place of their former Alice predecessors. Their greed for knowledge became their undoing. One door too many led to madness in the boy and with gun in hand shot his sister then himself. Laid in the grass forever enveloped in the disaster they had caused.

The Beginning
Many came to Wonderland in search of freedom, an escape from a place they once called home. Many found friendships and a special set of people found truth and utter freedom. The guardian's of the Alice's were these special few. They were freed from their chains by true love but all was not well in Wonderland.
Not too far away the love of the "Dream" was also claimed but knowing that each guardian had too fell in love was weakening the hold on the original Alice's. If the guardian's left the utopia her precious love would be stolen from her. In an effort to prevent their ascent to a new world the "Dream" was set upon causing the guardians, to become their rightful forms and to do this, their lovers must die!

Before anything could happen the dreamer appeared and chose to destroy those who resided in Wonderland to "restart again."
Many live's were lost and with their lovers live's at stake the 5 guardian's released their captive Alice and banded together to shatter the world on their own terms and seal away the hellish hole of "Wonderland" Allowing any who could to escape but to where?!

The present

Those who escaped the Wonderland incident are now trapped in a new place. A similar world but to these unsuspecting people it looks just like a normal place but unknown to them, an even bigger threat resides here and will slowly destroy everything pure and innocent that crosses its borders.

Will you be able to escape with your mind intact? Or will you just become a "puppet" to the real danger?