The world is full of different attitudes, ideals, religion, and people. With few technologies, weapons, clothes, and life style are still medieval. Kingdoms were formed naturally to protect against violent raiders or trouble people. Soon after the kingdoms were created, the leaders in charge thought of a new way to protect against raiders and evil. It is every kingdom’s goal to expand their belief or power to the nations around and build the new world. But in order to survive the waves of other movement, people must band together and build their own armies. Kings and Lords were the first to start their armies. Soon, citizens started forming their own smaller armies to push their own beliefs against the Royals. Many leaders of armies have died, but Kings, Lords, and great leaders are known as Commanders. There is no higher rank than those of a Commander. Now, the world needs to find one Commander to rule or all the Commanders must release their armies to stop the wars before the population of the human race is deceased.