We had thought it was the end. Warring nations lit the sky with fire, pouring fallout into the atmosphere. The world was at war, every nation for themselves. Anyone old enough to fight was drafted, the rest were hidden away. Children, scientists, important political figures, the old, and anyone rich enough to bribe their way out of the draft. Everyone else died, be it from the war itself or the leftovers.

They finally let us out. It's been ten years since the end. We were able to rebuild small cities from the rubble of old ones and learned to live again. It's been so long since we'd seen the sun. The fallout sped up natural mutation and new, more dangerous, species have arisen. We were unable to protect ourselves. Many of the children disappeared.

Two years after the Emergence, we are facing near extinction by the hand of the mutated species. We thought we were done for, but groups have started fighting the Mutations, and winning. Nobody recognizes them. They aren't too sure of their own identities either. We have some clue though, as each group carries them same message, a letter from a unknown source.


To the World,

We leave in your hands our last hope. We return to you the children we took. For the last two years, we have changed them, made them mutants of our own. Protectors of the Human Race. Do not be afraid, they are only there to help. They will save you, if you will let them.

-Darwin Corp.

To join
1. Just be aware of the rules
2. Form:
"Rp Sample?"

'Tis all I have for you! I will add more with due time.