Are you sick of all those crappy "STANDARDS" you have to meet in order to get into a guild? Not anymore you don't!

Welcome to Acceptance Academy, where everyone is accepted for who they are and however they role play.
Entry Fee is only 50 gold! Nothing more. No need to donate, Nothing! Just Role playing fun!

Everyone is accepted for who they are and whatever they want to be!

Here you can take any classes you choose! Acceptance Academy isn't just a High School, but a College as well! Become a Teacher, Secretary, Professor or a Student! No matter what you'll be accepted!

If you're more into the romance role plays, we've got that covered! Have teacher relationships, student relationships, professor relationships, doesn't matter as long as you're happy!

There aren't any rules! There is just have fun and accept each other for who they are and what they want to be!
((STRICT: If you are going to "do it" please keep it vague and broad.))

Other than those rules! Have fun and find love!~<3

Acceptance Academy does not protect against STDs or other Transmitted diseases.

If you are unsure, PM me for more information!