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Welcome to Absolute Furry the Guild (AFG). GaiaOnline's Oldest Furry Guild!

The AFG turned 13 Years Old! on March 15th 2017

How Do I Join This Guild?

If you wish to join the AFG, you just need to click the Join Guild button near the top right.
In the field provided, please enter why you would like to join the guild. While optional, you may also include who referred you to the guild.

What Is This Guild About?

Do I have to be a Furry to join? ~ Of Course Not! We welcome Furs, Therians, Weres, Otherkin, and Animal Lovers in general. This is a very diverse community.

Is this just a sex guild for cybering and role-playing animal sex? ~ NO, this guild is not about cybering, having sex online, or yiffing. However, unlike a lot of areas on Gaia, we do recognize that sex happens. If you want to talk about it without going into lurid detail, that's fine. But this isn't a place to role-play sex so please don't. Always keep the Gaia TOS in mind.

Am I gonna see a bunch of nasty ghey people here? ~ Yes, there will be gay, straight, bi, and trans-gender people here. No, you may not flame, harass, or preach to them about how their lifestyle is wrong. We have clear Guild Rules for you to follow, if you can't do that then this is not the guild for you.

Please Note: For the first 7 years, we were known as the Adult Furries Guild. On the guild's 7th birthday it was renamed as part of a guild overhaul.

When was the AFG founded?

The AFG originally began as a thread here on in the interest based guilds sub-forum. Sadly the original thread seems to be no longer be in existence, but the first post was made on Monday, March 15, 2004 at 4:46 pm.

Why was the AFG created?

Before the AFG's creation, there were virtually no furry guilds on Gaia. It seemed that furs were, by and large, frowned upon. The few furry-ish groups that did exist were either strictly role-play groups or generic clubs that centered on the members affinity or love for a specific type of creature (i.e. cat/neko, fox/kitsune, wolf, etc.). While these groups undoubtedly contained furries, they were not furry exclusive. It seemed there was no place just for furs.

When did the AFG move to its current state on the Guild system.

On Thursday July 22, 2004, J.Kougar registered the AFG on the new guild system. In only a few short hours, most of the original members were transferred over to the new guild and new members have been flooding in ever since.
While we were sad to leave behind our original thread (which upon being closed, contained 2,120 pages, and roughly 31,800 posts) the at-the-time-new guild system promised to be a much more stable environment for our guild.