This is a guild for people who play tabletop RPG's and similar games like Talisman and Anima. Also it is a little bit about LARP games. There are a lot of other groups on Gaia already that cover CCG's, miniatures, and console and online gaming, but very little that is official for covering the oldschool table top style.

I would like to create a place for talking about table top RPG's, talking about games that build stories like Anima and Talisman, talking about the latest and greatest things to come out for them all, sharing ideas (like characters you have/worlds you are building/new games you are creating/off the wall ideas you have for monsters and settings and more), giving word about new games (who is making them/what they offer/the audience that may enjoy them), and websites dedicated to all of the above types of games (not just the manufacturer sites but the fan sites to and all the things they offer).

This is not about RPG's on a console (even though some of them are very very good) or chat room and posting RPG's, or even about MMORPG's. This is all about getting your characters out, grabbing your friends, and playing oldschool arround a table or all over the living room with all your dice out. One or two people telling you all the little details about what is going on in the world arround you while you
and the rest of the crew try to figure out what is going on and how to deal with it. This is about telling stories with your imagination, your friends, and some dice or coins or point bidding arbitrating what is going to happen or actually work when it comes right down to it.

This group is not only about talking about what is going on in the world of tabletop games but also teaching anyone who is interested about how to play, showing them where they can find more info online, or even if we can, pointing you in the direction of a local shop that can help you get a game fix.

It does not matter if you are 5 or 5000 years old, it is my hope that you will be able to find something that may appeal to you, and you can share.

The plan is to make this a public group, with as little monitoring as possible to keep discussions fresh and to keep ideas flowing. If you like this idea, then you would want to keep conversations in the PG range so that we can be all inclusive and let everyone have their say.

Feel free to join up, or just comment when you have ideas.

Currently we have a good primary forum and two sub forums, one is dedicated to Forum RP that is going strong and one that is for teaching about RPG's and giving advice to GM's and new players. As time goes on we will expand the subforums even more as needed.