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Tonka and Haiku pt 1 0 Original Poetry/Lyrics 11/19/12 12:08am
PNb#7 Fine be like that Changing swiftly Being so moody I’ll stand here And watch Morning breaks Up my night life Please don’t ever Stop the music I keep spinning Subconsciously I pull up my shirts When you pass by I’ll look away You are gone I watch Intensely at The screen hopeful It will show Some Anime Fight for me I want you to fight ...
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11/19/12 12:08am
CE:Well this is more Prose than poetry 0 Original Poetry/Lyrics 11/18/12 12:10am
A story for anyone who wants to listen. But, I'm tired of this... insanity I constantly face every effing day. Well not every day but way too effing often then I ever wanted... All I ever wanted was Philo. I've seen it every day. I've sat watching, on these cold stone steps for years. Waiting for the feel of Philo. To know it in my soul. I've prayed to Philo. I gave him all my tears. My tim ...
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11/18/12 12:10am
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