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Gaia MC Giveaway: February 2012 4,888 Contest Archive 2/27/12 8:00pm
DJ Helsing
I love this years because its cream colour is so beautiful. I just love it.
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2/24/12 10:15pm
Isn't Black History Month Racist? 106 Black History Month 2/29/12 8:50pm
my take on this is, out of ALL the months Black History Month is on the shortest. I also think that, as a black young lady, is that why do we only have one month why can't we just celebrate every race invention, achievements, and discoveries. I'm kinda glad it is celebrated but, it looks like we get one month then its back to learning about white people and i don't like that. We should have a ...
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2/24/12 8:56pm
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DJ Helsing
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