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✧Ⱦћɇ Ҏћαɲʈѻɱ ȻΦɼе✧ Cafe Open 188 Gaia Commerce 9/30/13 2:18am
*Walks out from the back room of the cafe with a couple strands of hair out of place* Seems that I Consumed majority of my time shining the Silverware...Yuki-san....Meru-san I'm sorry for my tardiness Due to a minor setback *sighs while fixing his glasses which were a bit crooked but not noticeable by others* Well I should Get to work now... *Notices the cat from the corner of his eye* Oh dear.. ...
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5/23/13 12:49am
Te-Shen Zhou
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Te-Shen Zhou
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Xiao Kaiserin
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