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Beach Party 2014! [Discussion & Item List] Swim Trunks! 512 Gaia Community Discussion 7/31/14 7:51pm
I can't believe this is what we got... sure isn't worth the cost we PAID for, in my opinion
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7/31/14 7:51pm
improve item granting for beach party event 72 Site Feedback 7/29/14 12:10am
diet otaku
I wouldn't mind the recolors of the Kerchief tops, but not knowing exactly how to go about obtaining them, or if you can even get more than one color of them, not to mention how long it takes just to get your first one is a HUGE turn off! If this is suppose to be what we BOUGHT with the Kickstarter, this is ridiculous at best. This is beyond lazy and unacceptable on Gaia's part. If we have to ...
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7/21/14 3:09pm
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