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Cosplay Contest: Sam 620 Cosplay 9/18/10 12:17am
[NPC] Sam
You need a tune up or some parts? Er... what??? You want to dress like me? Ummm... you do know I work in a garage, right? I'm really not anything fancy. Are you sure you don't want to dress like Sasha or Sentinel instead? If you're serious, it shouldn't be too hard to copy my look. I pretty much wear this all the time... Good luck! If you change your mind and just want some car par ...
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6/14/10 11:49pm
[NPC] Sam
Announcement: Earn Gold and Glory with Auto Achievements! 1 Community Announcements 2/18/10 6:59pm
[NPC] Sam
Hey gearheads, There's a brand new feature in your garage: an achievement button. There you can find all the cool things you've accomplished in Rally, Garage, and more. Earning these achievements will get you some Gold you can put towards more upgrades, new cars, or whatever else you want. You can check out this fancy new button right now by going to your Garage. Visit Garage You'll ...
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2/5/10 9:37pm
[NPC] Sam
Announcement: Rally Update: New Animated Parts & Kiki Car 1 Community Announcements 12/29/09 9:38pm
[NPC] Sam
Hey, guys! Just swinging by to let you know about some sweet new stuff in my shop. Not only do I have the new Kiki Car in stock, but I've got a ton of accessories to go along with it, including cute bowties, collars, mouths, eyes, antennas and more. There's also a nice selection of animated upgrades, like flaming wheels and sirens. Install 'em and your car will definitely get a lot of attenti ...
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12/17/09 12:56am
[NPC] Sam
Announcement: Sam's Body & Parts: Tons of New Upgrades 1 Community Announcements 11/19/09 10:29pm
[NPC] Sam
Hey, everyone! Just stopping by to let you know there are a ton of new car parts and upgrades available in my shop. Stop by and check out all the new surfboard racks, big noisy speaker rigs, window tints, paint jobs, pretty bows, and more. Get Some Upgrades Remember, you can own as many cars as you want, so go wild with your customizin'.
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11/13/09 9:29pm
[NPC] Sam
Announcement: Coming Soon: New Garage, Rally & Car Improvements! 1 Community Announcements 10/6/09 11:24pm
[NPC] Sam
Hello? Is this thing on? Oh! Hey, those admins have some important automotive business to announce, so you better read it! We're rolling out some exciting improvements to cars over the next couple weeks. Take a look at what's in store! You'll be able to own multiple cars. In fact, you'll be able to own hundreds of billions of cars. We're giving you your very own space-age garage, where y ...
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9/2/09 12:28am
[NPC] Sam
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[NPC] Sam
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