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CHANCE!!!! ROLL THAT 20 SIDED DICE FOR 50K(BUMPIN LOVED!!) 38,482 Chatterbox 7/4/08 9:26pm
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7/18/06 4:43am
Rest in Peace, Chiharu 2,256 Memorable Threads 7/24/04 12:21am
Zully Quirke
Wow. That just capped my night. No way for me to get to sleep now. Shiraishi - I know Kes already offered, but if you need anything from us, even just like ten bucks or something, or maybe like, I dunno, some... Jesus, I dunno, something, that indefinable "something" that people always offer when they don't know what the ******** to offer when you're in this kind of situation, then yeah, jus ...
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7/14/04 6:24am
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