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Writer Seeking Input 6 Collaborative works 3/25/13 3:53pm
I would love to hear your story!
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3/14/13 1:33pm
Sticky: What book are you reading now? 22,642 Books 11/23/15 3:43pm
kori pookie
I love your taste in books just saying. Right now I'm reading Mystic city by Theo Lawrence, but my all time favorite books are the mortal instrument series!:heart:
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3/14/13 1:23pm
Blue haze dreams 1 Original Works 3/14/13 8:40pm
This isn't really a complete story, it's more of just an idea. I don't know here just read it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The room is completely white and I can feel the cold tiled floor underneath my feet. I look around the small room a bit dazed and confused. How did I get here? Who brought me here? What- My thoughts were cut off when the walls begin to mo ...
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3/14/13 1:13pm
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