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Gift being sent to the wrong person! 21 Site Questions & Assistance 9/3/13 10:22pm
So I sent myself a gift in order to by-pass needless trading in order to send an item to my other account. AND LOW BEHOLD, gaia messed it up. I sent the gift to `J i r a i y a However, gaia decided to do whatever it wanted and sent it to Jiraiya. Please tell me how this is in any way shape or form a GOOD thing for me? I basically just lost out on 1mil since I was sending an AC over. Se ...
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9/3/13 6:55am
Can't log into account. On-going issue for years now. 1 Bug Report & Technical Support 3/18/11 7:32am
My main account an spaces and a certain character that often give it some weird glitch that prevents me from logging into my account for hours at a time. I love the name I have and would love it even more if it didn't have the characters that mess the account up. Someone back in 2003 took the 'original' name and has never made a single post or logged in. I'm completely sick of having this issu ...
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3/18/11 5:27am
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