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I'm New 23 Welcome to Gaia 4/10/13 4:59pm
Englands good at the moment, media is freaking out but it's good. ^^ Thanks everyone for welcoming me and Hi!
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4/9/13 6:26pm
I'm New 23 Welcome to Gaia 4/10/13 4:59pm
Hi, my name is Natasha but I prefer being called Gal, I'm 13 and I live in England. I'm a bit intimidated by this site and it's really confusing so far but I think I'll get the hang of it :3. My username comes from a lengthy tradition of taking something and adding 'Gal' on the end, like how my minecraft is Minergal. I'm a bit of a fandom jumper but my main fandom is Homestuck, I don't like that m ...
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4/8/13 5:56pm
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