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Sticky: A Guide to Your Monster Galaxy Adventure 1,630 Monster Galaxy 2/17/15 5:39pm
Raiten Ka
I need help, when I try to convert my Gaia Cash into Moga Cash, I follow what you said, but it takes me to a website on Gaia that shows a picture of Monster Galaxy. It also shows 2 choices on to start the game, New game or Copy from Facebook. I clicked the Copy from Facebook, entered my Facebook account, and it took me back to the same page with the Monster Galaxy picture and the choices of New ga ...
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11/21/12 5:27am
Copy game from facebook 7 Monster Galaxy 2/24/13 7:58am
How do you copy the game from monster galaxy to Gaia Online? I click the copy to facebook button but won't work, it just refreshes the page and makes a Meebo tab on the bottom of the window. Please help. T_T
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11/21/12 4:32am
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