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Where should I start with game development? 26 Computers & Technology 3/24/13 9:19am
I've had that same question for a year before I actually Googled it. What I use to develop my games are either GameMaker or RPG Maker. GameMaker is a game creation program that allows you to create whatever kind of game you want. It has a drag and drop interface, but there is a code function there. RPG Maker is made for making RPG games similar to Pokemon. They both can be used for free, but th ...
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3/15/13 7:26pm
AwesomeClan Guilds RECRUITING 0 Gaia Guilds Network 3/14/13 1:21am
AwesomeClan is a guild based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter Our main website is accessible here Our Warriors Life page is here We also have guilds on many other websites, games, and servers. Check them out at our main website. Are you sure you want to join? This is just a warning. Take note, don't be stupid in this Clan... AwesomeClan is for EPIC CATS. (And ONLY EPIC CATS) " Hel ...
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3/14/13 1:21am
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