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Halloween Cosplay! 22 Cosplay 11/2/08 5:49pm
I WAS gonna be cosplaying as Sakura Hime in her Halloween artbook costume , but due to lack of money and fabric I can't .__. I've started it too ;__; So now I've changed my ideas to doing Rinoa Heartilly , not scary at all I know but hey - it's still dress up xD. My other idea was either Gothic Lolita Meroko , Ciel Phantomhive or Yuuki Cross but they involve more than 3-4hrs of making time an ...
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10/29/08 9:39pm
[ England ] MCM Expo '08 Thread 4,113 Cosplay 5/16/09 3:06pm
MCM Expo Mascot
Wooo I'm finally have the energy to post xD. Well actually I've just been very lazy recently in posting on Gaia, all I do is get daily chance, feed my fish, lurk here then leave xD; But anyway, I'm glad most people had a good time in London ^_^ It was fun for me as well, a bit tiring but that's my fault for picking a tiring costume to walk around in... I doubt anyone did but did anyone get any ...
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10/29/08 9:35pm
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