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*~~~Need role play partners! 5 Barton Town (Role Play) 3/10/13 4:53pm
Send me a post and I'll RP with you!
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3/10/13 9:58am
The first FF you played! 380 Final Fantasy 4/13/13 9:57pm
Angela Cheer
My first final fantasy was Final Fantasy 7. I was young and just got the Playstation! Sega Gensis was the only other console I had prior to that so I never got a chance to play the other final fantasy games. And man did I cried--- erm, I mean... I was bubbly lipped when Aeris (not AERITH) died. Such a good game... and made me play the earlier ones. I liked them all but 9, 11, 12, 13...
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3/9/13 6:56am
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