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Who's watching the Puppy Bowl this weekend? 52 Super Bowl Weekend 2/6/12 1:34am
I totally wish I got that channel. But alas, I do not. I'd much rather spend my time watching the Puppy Bowl. I hate football. Luckily, I broke up with my jerk of a boyfriend and am probably going to do some shopping on Sunday instead of sitting on the couch watching this crap!
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2/4/12 1:36pm
The Most Life Changing Book You've Ever Read 22 Books 2/20/12 7:00pm
I would have to say "Larry's Party" by a Canadian author. Even though it is about a man having a mid-life crisis (and I am not a man and no wheres near mid-life), I was an interesting read that really got you thinking. Hampton Court Palace & it's world famous hedge maze in London, England was a huge symbol for his life in this book. I even got to go there and try out the maze (finding the centre!) ...
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2/4/12 1:33pm
Sticky: What book are you reading now? 22,642 Books 11/23/15 3:43pm
kori pookie
I am currently reading "The Help". So far so good. I much prefer books over movies, but will probably check out the movie after I'm done. It most likely won't compare - as usual. Never judge a book by its movie!!
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2/4/12 1:29pm
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