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Finn Or Jake? 17 Adventure Time 3/29/12 10:53pm
C U T I E_634
FINN. :big:
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3/29/12 10:01pm
bloody gummybear
Thoughts on the Hunger Games Movie 46 The Hunger Games 3/30/12 12:25am
It was good, but they left a lot out. Peeta looked kinda old to me, and i was sad because in the book, Katniss had a lot of inner dialogue, while they didn't do that in the movie, so there were a lot of scenes with her staring into space.... i loved Rue's portrayal, they hit the bulls eye on that.
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3/29/12 7:00pm
bloody gummybear
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C U T I E_634
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bloody gummybear
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