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What Cutie Mark Should the Avatar Above You Have? 1,355 My Little Pony 9/30/14 5:02am
i think mine would be a yin yang
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7/2/13 1:56am
althea wildfire
I'm looking for a mythology-based book series 30 Books 7/2/13 2:22pm
kanako irigashi
the kane chronicles. riorden is the BEST auther for these kind of books, and theres goning to be a new series about northern gods, if youre intrested.
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7/2/13 1:53am
althea wildfire
clara? 3 Doctor Who 7/4/13 7:53am
althea wildfire
how do you think clara will like the new doctor? hate him? adore him?
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7/2/13 1:50am
althea wildfire
new villans! 26 My Little Pony 7/6/13 6:35pm
althea wildfire
:twisted: hey! does anyone have an idea what the new villans for season 4 could be? maybe discord gets possed? they never really fineshed him...
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6/29/13 1:56am
althea wildfire
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kanako irigashi
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