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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Vampire Knight Cross Academy Kitsxchan Private 5,784 993
God Eater Burst: Feast

The world is ran over by Aragami,and now humanity is on it's last legs. It's up the the God Eaters to stop the Aragami-let the feast begin!!

Tags: God Eater Burst, Aragami, Roleplay, Fighting, Game

Zero_Faith1036 Public 225 12
Hunt the Night! ~ Immortal Guardians

RP Guild for Guardians, predator, and prey of the night. A guild based on the Dark-Hunter series.

Tags: Role-playing, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Romance, Drama, Action

xXKiannaikXx Private 1,013 17

Come in and emerse yourself into the world of Roleplaying.

Tags: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Multiple RPs

octoasprime Public 11 6
°Visual Kei°

A guild for anything Visual Kei or j-rock (Fashion and Music) Any band and their fans are welcome.

Tags: The GazettE, Visual Kei, Music, J rock, X Japan

MalicexMisery Public 297 68
Bleach: Soul Silence

A roleplaying guild based on the anime "Bleach".

Tags: Bleach, Shinigami, Arrancar, Roleplay, Post Apocolyptic

Geothermus Private 1,331 13
Fate/Stay Night The 8th Holy Grail War

Where Heroes Reincarnation come to take part of a tournament of the Holy Grail.

Tags: Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Apocrypha, Type-Moon, Fate/Extra CCC, Fate/Zero

Psychic-Academy213 Private 1,160 20
Fate / Filodoxía

Fate/Filodoxia also known as Fate Ambitions: Rise to Power is a literate RP spin off of the original Fate Series

Tags: Type Moon, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Servant-Master, Roleplay

KogaP Private 1,850 26
Zero Requiem; Nonary Game Ε: Instincts of Species B

9 people, life or death choices, can you survive and escape or die trying

Tags: Zero, Nonary Game, Epsilion, survival, psychological

Dein-zu Private 3 2
Surviving The End: A Literate Zombie Survival RP

Come RP with others interested in serious, literate zombie RP. Only serious RPers wanted!!!

Tags: Role Play, Zombie, Literate, World War Z

ZombieApocalypseSurvivor Public 5 4
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