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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Demon Tournament League

This is the Legendary Demon League, where the best of the best battle to become Champion.

Tags: Tournament, Fighting, Prize, Battle, Competition

Dragoon_Zero_Demon Public 5,921 118
The Guild That Never Was: Because Nobody Deserves To Be Forg

Because Nobody Deserves To Be Forgotten...

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Nobody, Organization XIII, Organization 13

ArchAeon Private 14,777 105
The Official Skillet Guild

A guild for all Skillet fans, new and long time! Come join the fun! It never ends!

Tags: Skillet, Christian, Rock, Band, Music

ZombieKaiju Public 2,478 364
Bleach: The 14 Court Guard Squads Kashikoi Kusabana Private 17,414 22
♔♛Bleach: A New Generation♕♚

Thirty-six years after the Winter War: New enemies rise, legacies and old friends unite, and the new war begins...

Tags: Bleach, Next Generation, Shinigami, Legacies, Roleplay

OriSODEhime Private 6,590 24

Undead, Infected, Lurkers, dreadful in hunger for the flesh of man.

Tags: Zombie, Undead, Survival, Romance, Military

Alliecat298 Public 321 18
Hunters of The Moon

Wolf pack

Tags: wolves, Hunters, Pack, Night, moon

-HTM- Shadow Private 121 36
CRC ( Crown Royal Cheerleading )

We are basically a group inside of Crown Royal

Tags: Friendly, Cheerleading, Family, Pompoms, Cheer

Goddaughter Of OmniClan Public 23 9
Down The Rabbit Hole, Welcome to Wonderland

A simple guild with the sole purpose of making friends and having a good time on Gaia! Weekly giveaways and contests, and fun forums!

Tags: Friend based community, Friends, Discussions, Giveaways, Contests

XeritoReality Private 61 16
Fyn Ja Ever Last

A place for friends and family to be together and weird.

Tags: friends, family, weird, crazy, roleplay

MelodyJewlz Public 3 4
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