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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Nekkid Revolution

We are a group of people who will dress up every once in a while and go around zOMG nekkid.

Tags: nekkid, revolution, party, anime, zOMG

Tales of Queen Dark Private 19 29

Earning gold and friendships with a splish splash of the warmth *er...* cold embrase of the deepest darkest depts of hell!

Tags: entertainment, gold, artist, zomg

M-kulal Arur Public 8 5

Everyone is always welcome to join Rainicorn guild!

Tags: Discussion, zOMG!, Gaming, Interest Based, General

CookiePandazxc Private 5 1
Ultimate Guild of Awesome

The Guild Fit for the U.C.O.A.

Tags: Zomg!, Crew, Anime

kara_chibi Public 10 23
Gacie w Krate


Tags: Polska, Polacy, Gacie, Kraty, Zabawa

Gotchi_PL Public 485 25
The Hunt: Gaia's Hunting Crew

A guild that can help you acquire loots easily and enjoy the fun of hunting. We might as well help you with your quests. See ya! :D

Tags: Hunt, Season, Gaia, zOMG!, Loots

harry_the_catalyst Private 63 26
Midnight District

Welcome to the Midnight district, where we hosts and hostess are to give you a fantasy and dream you desire in love.

Tags: Host, Hostess, love, zomg, District

Angelz_Enigma Public 418 13
Come Have Fun!!

This guild has everything included. It has a market, fan art, rpg, zomg, avatar avi contests, and much more.

Tags: Shops, Gold, Tektek, Contests, Zomg

SterlBlackRose Public 87 10
zOMG! 101

A simple Guild to zOMG!

Tags: guide, zOMG!, crew, Story, Quest

TheDogGoesMeow Public 85 12
zOMG Talk & Trade

This is a guild where we share tips on zOMG and trade unwanted zOMG items to each other.

Tags: trade, tips, helpful, respect, honesty

CloverCrazyStuff Public 6 9
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