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‹ Sakura World Cafe ›

Cafe for chat, hangout and more

Tags: cafe, zomg, chat, sakura world, hangout

Daniel Hyuuga Public 9 12
All Things Luxurious

As of right now, this is my archive. Role plays, art, tektek avis and more.

Tags: Archive, Roleplay, Arts, TekTek, ZOMG

LuxuriouslyBeautiful Public 134 1
The Guild Of Beggars

do you beg for gold? join us!

Tags: gold, begging, zomg, towns, creepy...?

randomstranger345 Private 6 6
Star Chasers

Star Chasers; Gaia/zOMG Discussion Guild.

Tags: Gaia, zOMG

RATS_Spectrum Private 4 4
The Elder Scrolls - Eternity

A Non-Canon Elder Scrolls Guild that enables the travel of all of Tamriel and even the other realms.

Tags: Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Oblivion, Adventure, Action

Xander Hallows Public 2 3
knights of the old world (zomg)

for members of the clan

acehatch Public 2 3
Fairies and elfs

Fairies and efls

Tags: faires, elfs, role playing, earn, zOMG

bye_cruel_world123 Public 6 2
The Royal Citizens Of Gaian Affairs(RCOGA)

A bunch of warriors who cant get enough of monsters!

Tags: Roleplay, Warriors, Clan, Citizens, Fighting

Metropolitan Thoughts Public 7 1
Second Sheep Reich

We come in black in white, but neither are without the other, we are the sheep

Tags: Second, Sheep, Reich, Mouton, Twins

Shadow Symmetrical Public 6 9
~Pixelated Weddings~

Tags: Love, Wedding, zOMG

Cheriasu Public 6 8
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