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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
We're Sexy And We Know It

We're sexy and we know it

Tags: Sumo, Kiki, Sexy, zOMG, clan

Mista Kain Private 421 79
Vahk' Tuhs' Sanctum

Family of Ancient Vampires (Role-Play)

Tags: Vampiric, Family, Roleplay

Anti Symbolism Private 86 26
Legion of Fangs [Cities will build:.:Cities then fall]

Modern Fantasy Roleplay and General Discussion/Chat

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Modern, General, Chat

CrossingTheGreatDivide Public 4,008 6

"A guild that will test your intellegence, and avi strength. Welcome to Solistice"

Tags: Japanese/military

Freya Nightfell Public 1,142 19

A guild dedicated to those wearing Catastrophe!

Tags: Catastrophe!, zOMG, cats

__r.d.__ Public 3 2
Oath of the blood knighthood

About honor and being the best you can be.

Tags: knighthood, role playing, love, ZoMg

tigercolby Public 271 34
Barton Town Mafia

Protecting the streets of Barton Town...sort of...

Tags: RolePlay, Mafia, zOMG

Jays_Inc Private 11 2
The Elite And Wealthy

The Wealthy

Tags: Zomg, Help, Team, Specialist, Wealthy

XxZethrothxX Public 1 1
Fading Spirits *Pack & Role Play* Guild

A guild for Fading Spirits members to chat, ZOMG, and hang out together on Gaia while Role playing on our site.

Tags: role play, fading spirits, fading spirits role play, fading spirits pack, pack

Temptrianna Public 2 4
The Phosphscuro Guild

Fantasy and Family of light and dark

Tags: Artist, Guild, Roleplay, Anime, Fantasy

Ego Dynasty Public 4 3
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