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.:: Poporo Village ::.

[A Harvest Moon RP]

Tags: Harvest, Moon, Poporo, Gamma, Peaceful

[-Gamma-] Private 3,440 12
The Poety and Writting Guild+ The Inn Full of rooms XMidnightRavenX Public 8,800 64
Ink : A creative roleplay guild XxLil_Miss_PsychoxX Public 241 15
Music Is Life No Matter What Type Your love is poison Public 4 7
Soulful Pleasures Guild Collrbone Private 4 4
KPCA - Killing Purple Cow Assosiation

Killing purple cows, randomness, awesomeness, roleplaying

Tags: KPCA, Roleplaying, Contests, Random, Entertainment

Sparrow Aqua Public 48 7
RPing dragons

This guild is all about RPing

Tags: dragon, grunny, fights, writting, roll playing

xzore Public 112 12
Our little Paradise

Literate roleplaying

Tags: Literate, roleplay, Discussions, Friendly

Angel Of The Broken Private 3 4
A Gothic Nightmare

A haven for those who don't fit in,The darkest of you may be welcomed

Tags: Nightmare, Goth, Gothic, Dark, Black

XxLatent_NightmarexX Public 32 2
GPD Medical Division

We are the GPD's main guild for safety and health issue's

Tags: Medical Assistance, Medical Research, GPD Field Assistance, GPD Relations, GPD Procedures

X_GPD Nurse_X Public 2 1
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