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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Wolf Pack (and other things)(roleplay guild)

A guild where we role play as wolves and have a great time.

Tags: Wolf Pack, Roleplay, Animal

Victoria Antonnett Public 239 1
Dragons Of Demise Rp & Writers Guild

Dragons Of Demise Rp & Writers Guild is all about having fun with writting, games, contests, dragons, and much more.

Tags: Dragons, Games, Stories, Writters, Contests

Mystriotrix Private 17,039 33
Starstorm Literary Rper's Guild

A place where Lit/Semi Lit writers can relax,and have fun & create rp's & follow story lines. Share short storys they have written!

Tags: Roleplaying of all kinds, Art/writing, Contests, OCC chats, Romance

dark_moon_star Public 2,985 61
☯☣Chaos in Chains☣☯

Slaves and Masters are welcome in this guild of trials and games. But not only Those types of threads, many more await you, if you are brave

Tags: slave, master, romance, battle, carnival

Mini Chaos Dreamer Public 3,181 5
Elements Angels!!! EA!CG

Here is where people can get information about my anime ''elements angels'' and where the one who write the story decide what happens after!

Tags: writting, story, anime, manga, angels

Yuiki Miyabi Public 36 9
( ♫ ) Music's Life ( ♪ )

Tags: Music, Life, Songs, Anything, World

BabyDino-x Public 169 39
Helpless pieces of the game he plays. . .

roleplay in the works

Tags: chess, roleplay, pieces, game, battle

Nalyd Rin Dei la Rune Private 4 1
RANE-The New Power

A group of dedicated people who will make anime alive again

Tags: Group, Anime, Fanfic, Discussion, Story writting

Family Man Hughes Public 157 7
Exploded Peep & Chocolate Gun

Me (Exploded Peep) and my cuzzen (Chocolate Gun) have crazy mutants and adventure to blood shedding war and space, all RP!

Tags: crazy, awsome, stories, rainbow, friends

- D o z z e m - Public 70 7
Forever an artist

Fun, nice enviornment where we talk about music, art, and writting. Also a support group for everyone

Tags: music, artists, writting, support, love

Naltherian Public 3 10
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