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ıllıllı wolғ den ѕтorage ıllıllı

A guild to hold your crazilicious characters in and to do some Rps to test out new characters

Tags: Storage, Roleplaying, onexone, OkamiLoneWolf, Characters

Okami_Lone_Wolf Public 8,112 17
Invictus City

An Unconquerable City That Needs To Be Conquered.

Tags: Roleplay, Vampires, Thieves, Wolves, Demons

MichiokoXIII Public 43,278 176
Daft Heads

This guild is for all lovers of the electronic duo, Daft Punk

Tags: Daft Punk, Heads, Daft, Friendly, Electronic

Kampfwagen Public 63 9
A Moment's Notice

it's an rping guild

Tags: Roleplaying, Shonen-Ai, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Mr Elerias Von Sau Public 899 3
☾ Pнαитσмѕ Of Tнє Nιgнт ☽ [O//A]

This is a simple rp guild about wolves and other creatures. It's semi literature as well.

Tags: Wolves, role play, Animals, Moon, Packs

Okami_Lone_Wolf Public 5,861 8
The kingdom of Wolveshire

A brotherhood and a family for any who are willing to join, no matter their creed or race.

Tags: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Kingdom, Wolveshire

Genryu Okami Private 1,347 15
Tender Wolf

it's like a paradise

Tags: wolf, asian, games, movies, hang out

Mirai Wolf Private 72 8
Sun & Moon RPG

We are an open rping group welcoming people who WANT to rp.

Tags: Gaming, Role Playing, Creative, Amine, Books

FyreKou Public 9 4
Mythical Academy (Kpop Roleplay)

A battle of wit and charm among the kpop world.

Tags: Exo-k, kpop, shinee, Exo-m, super junior

II-KimJongIn-II Public 4 2
Fox and Wolf Guild.

A guild that's full of animals and pet owners

Tags: wolf, animals, creatures, pet owner, koji

Gimme yo cookies Public 1 3
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