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Hogwarts Guild of Witchcraft and Wizadry

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Gaia Online users come to learn magic.

Tags: Harry, Potter, Hogwarts, Witches, Wizards

singlikenoonecanhearyou Private 37,703 106
✿ puella magi: SYMPHONY PROJECT

A B/C based around the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Messenger of Magic Public 2,359 94
Hero of Myths

A roleplaying guild, for all to injoy.

Tags: Magic, Hero, Myth, Role

dougy77 Public 42 6

'Sailing the seas, Riding the wind, Feeling the fire, Loving the Earth is our one desire.'

Tags: Magic, Romance, Supernatural, School, Wizards

Choi Sang Lin Public 223 23
De Civitate Nocte

Guild for the B/C Shop De Civitate Nocte (Under Construction...)

Tags: Breedables and Changing Pets, Roleplay, De Civitate Nocte, Supernatural, Fantasy

Yorugami Public 791 14
Blood Moon Rising {Under Construction}

The Blood Moon is coming, are you ready?

Tags: Supernatural, Random, vampires, werewolves, Magic

ShadowStar369 Public 89 9
ϨφҽɬɬҫɑʂϮҽɾ Ѧҫɑδҽɱҹ

Tags: Spellcaster, Academy, Witch, Wizard

Original Alice Cullen Private 1,319 1
Rise of the Aerodecka

Read Below

Tags: wolf, vampire, witch, adventure, romance

Faola Nightcore Public 13 8
Spíti ti̱s Mageías

Crossover between Hogwarts and Darkest Powers A Genticlly altered wizard/witch and you showed signs of magic you never were supposed to show

Tags: Hogwarts, Darkest Powers, Magic, Harry Potter, secrets

loony_loopy_lovegood Public 15 1
A Sinful Tree

A active guild with lot of fun things under the Sinful Tree

l Sinful Teddybear l Public 24 7
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