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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Ballad of Blades

A semi-lit, simple stat-based Bleach Guild. Created November 11, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Bleach, Espada, Shinigami, Fight

Mochii Iced Tea Public 9,550 19
A Winter's Kiss - Vampire Yaoi Roleplay

Welcome to the Winter's Mansion

Tags: vampire, roleplay, yaoi, romance, victorian

Sinful Fool Private 3,650 39
Post-Apocalyptica DawnThe Dark Morningstar Private 244 4
[.::♥::.The Crystal Ball.::♥::.]

A wintery kingdom filled with joy and events all winter long. ♥

Tags: Winter, Festival, Crystal, Kingdom, Ball

broken_bleeding_angel Private 1,357 60
The Dead who are Among Us

A Literate Zombie Apocalypse Guild

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Surviving, Role Playing, Romance

CoolQueerLeader Private 473 24
Game of Thrones

When playing the Game of Thrones, you Win or you Die...

Tags: Game Of Thrones, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Fantasy

Laelun Drakyl Private 688 21
A Dangerous Dynamic

Private rp guild for Noctum and Natalia

Lady_Noctum Private 70 2
Inverno Famiglia, Mafia

A Mafia family composed of a group of different races.

Tags: Mafia, Family, Interest, Roleplay, chi is dumb

iFidelity-O2 Public 30 9
~Chiyako Academy~ [Invitation-only]

This is a private, invitation-only guild, semi-based off of Rosario Vampire, except it's a different school.

Tags: This, School, will, eatyour, soul

DelilahMan Private 4 4
Vampire Of The Bloody Blue Star

Bloody Blue Star

Tags: Bloody star, blue star, Vampire Bloody, Vampire Star, Bloody blue

Winter_East Public 3 10
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