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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Future Shades [A Futuristic RP Guild]

Tags: Future, Shades, Role, Play, Apocolypse

Nyuu-Chan353 Public 350 3
Bleach: The Hand of Sorrow

The Seiretei is broken, and Hueco Mundo is on the move...

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Shinigami, Seireitei, Soul Society

yurescapex Public 18,423 48
Pinoy Ako Pinoy Tayo

Kasamahang pilipino, ating paunlaran. Home for the filipinos!

Tags: pinoy, pinoy pride, filipino, philippines, wika

xX_YuI_XVIII_xIOn_Xx Public 5,462 326
Bleach: Ballad of Blades

A semi-lit, simple stat-based Bleach Guild. Created November 11, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Bleach, Espada, Shinigami, Fight

Mochii Iced Tea Public 9,550 19
[.::♥::.The Crystal Ball.::♥::.]

A wintery kingdom filled with joy and events all winter long. ♥

Tags: Winter, Festival, Crystal, Kingdom, Ball

broken_bleeding_angel Private 1,357 60
RavenWood Fairy School

The houses are fighting for power while the fairys go to school fourced to learn together.

Tags: Fairy, Role Play, Fantasy, Faery

ii-Tsu Private 3,375 4
The Dead who are Among Us

A Literate Zombie Apocalypse Guild

Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Surviving, Role Playing, Romance

CoolQueerLeader Private 473 24
Zombie Badasses of Awesome

This rp man....this rp.

Tags: Roleplaying, Zombies, Russia, Dat Ass, Whut?

CorruptedWaffles Public 6 2
WonderLand of Red Snow2: The Yeti Effect (Opening Soon)

Welcome To The Icy Hell-Hole

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Snow, Power, Survival

Fang Massacre Public 20 2
Inverno Famiglia, Mafia

A Mafia family composed of a group of different races.

Tags: Mafia, Family, Interest, Roleplay, chi is dumb

iFidelity-O2 Public 30 9
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