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Giga Slave!

A slayers anime fan gulid. Join if you like the anime! ^-^

Tags: slayers, anime, lina inverse, giga slave, roleplay

Complicated Personalities Public 1,983 87
Bleach: Seal Of the Seireitei

The Winter War is over, Aizen is sealed away and the Arrancar are angry. They want their leader back and will do anything to do it.

Tags: Bleach, RPing, Seireitei, Ichigo, Aizen

DaemonSpadesApprentice Public 4,929 29
♥♥♥ " $EXi PEOPLE ONLYYY " ♥♥♥.

$$$ $EXY

Tags: Funnn, Partyssss, Contestttt

Envyxo Public 284 455
Avatar the last airbender guild YoungFlame Private 18,340 806
The Board

In a land where Chess has come to life, you better be ready to fight. 'Cause if you turn your back, it's Checkmate, and I win.

Tags: Roleplay, Fighting, Chess, Adventure, Drama

Whispering_Lovely Public 981 13
♥♥♥ Smexy People Only !! ♥♥♥

This guild is all about having fun, Getting married, PARTAY !!

Tags: Music, Party's, Friends

SwoIe Private 13 17
Painting Crayons

In this guild we will do art and graffitis. We will have contests too so the Guild doesn't die that soon.

Womboes Public 82 15
GaiaOnline University

Just off the coast of Barton Town is a place for all the species looking for a fun place to role-play and more!

Tags: School, Fantasy

klausey5021 Public 14 1
Winter Dragons

Not your usual rp. Reputation system, changing world.

Tags: game of thrones, roleplay, westeros, detailed, active

Lena Haag Private 5 2
Fallout RP: United Wastes

Literate Fallout RP Guild

Tags: Fallout, Team, Roleplaying, Bethesda, United

Ace Edmonds PD Private 7 3
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