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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Giga Slave!

A slayers anime fan gulid. Join if you like the anime! ^-^

Tags: slayers, anime, lina inverse, giga slave, roleplay

Complicated Personalities Public 1,983 87
~The Chronicles of Narnia~

A guild for Chronicles of Narnia, all fans welcomed!

Tags: Narnia, Roleplaying, Lewis, Aslan, Chronicles

Night_Creation Public 3,147 166
Future Shades [A Futuristic RP Guild]

Tags: Future, Shades, Role, Play, Apocolypse

Nyuu-Chan353 Public 350 3
Bleach: The Hand of Sorrow

The Seiretei is broken, and Hueco Mundo is on the move...

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Shinigami, Seireitei, Soul Society

yurescapex Public 18,423 49
Pinoy Ako Pinoy Tayo

Kasamahang pilipino, ating paunlaran. Home for the filipinos!

Tags: pinoy, pinoy pride, filipino, philippines, wika

xX_YuI_XVIII_xIOn_Xx Public 5,462 327
Bleach The New Beginning

The Beginning of the New Soul Society

Tags: Anime, Manga, Bleach, Roleplay

MadHatterOfGames Private 27,588 2
Bleach: Seal Of the Seireitei

The Winter War is over, Aizen is sealed away and the Arrancar are angry. They want their leader back and will do anything to do it.

Tags: Bleach, RPing, Seireitei, Ichigo, Aizen

xX Chibi Shadow Xx Public 4,929 28
RavenWood Fairy School

The houses are fighting for power while the fairys go to school fourced to learn together.

Tags: Fairy, Role Play, Fantasy, Faery

ii-Tsu Private 3,375 4
Zombie Badasses of Awesome

This rp man....this rp.

Tags: Roleplaying, Zombies, Russia, Dat Ass, Whut?

CorruptedWaffles Public 6 2
WonderLand of Red Snow2: The Yeti Effect (Opening Soon)

Welcome To The Icy Hell-Hole

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Snow, Power, Survival

Fang Massacre Public 20 2
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