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The Vampire Guild!

Vampire RP Guild

Count Vladimir Dracula Public 697 19
Love is Blind (THe academy for all creatures/roleplaying)

A school for creatures of all kind to come together and also a place to let your ideas flow in various roleplays. Here you write the story.

Tags: academy, love, supernatural, roleplaying, school

-I- silent_ame -I- Public 1,654 22
Immortal Forest

A guild for people who love the supernatural and roleplaying.

Tags: vampires, werewolves, fairies

BlackSoulRose Private 94 5
Vanity's Mirror: The ☪hronicles of the Gods

A New World with Gods and Goddess

Tags: Goddess, Monster, Battle, Blood, fantasy

The Red Libra Private 4,143 64
Mythology High

All deities you love and creatures

Tags: Myths, Demigods, Creatures, Vampires, Werewolves

WaterStar156 Public 73 18
Lunar Tales

A newly formed cult has appeared, made from shape-shifters to take on Werewolves, most of them being friends or even family.

Tags: WereWolves, Action, Shape shifters, Elements, Fantasy

DarkKitsune713 Private 476 16
The RP Mansion~

A wide variety of roleplaying and free roleplay~

Tags: Role Playing, Mansion, Friendly, Open

multicoloredChemtrails Private 555 16
~The Falls Academy~ (Open 1/26/14)

When you have no where else to go, where do you go? The Falls Academy

Tags: Supernatural, RolePlay, Romance, Academy

ShelbiRaine Public 16 1
Before the Dawn

A RP were the supernatural run free in the human world

Tags: Vampire, Witches

Tritian_the_wise Public 41 3
Choas in world with Unbalanced relations.

Tale of a forbidden love between Darkness and light.

Tags: Darkness, Light, Royalty, Lycans, Fantasy

Ranukaidevilwolf Public 4 1
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