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Clan Wars of Calsisale

This is a roleplaying guild, based off of a story used in the Calsisale guild, though we existed first.

Tags: Roleplaying, Shadow Clan Wars, Fenrier Arlius, Sieg Demonica, Calsisale

Sieg Demonica Public 11,011 4
νσωѕ тσ тнє мσση [Hiatus]

Three wolf packs. Three territories. One war.

Tags: wolf, wolves, moon, literate, roleplay

gawdz0rz Private 5,547 13

This is a roleplay based off of the Harry Potter books, with our own creative twists! Join us and our other literate (+) members!

Tags: Literate, Action, Fantasy, Harry Potter, Romance

the HAUGHTY nerd Public 224 5
Bloodbane Academy

Open and Accepting Members- An Academy and Haven for the Mythical and Magical creatures all but forgotten by the Human World.

Tags: Magic, Myth, School, Werewolf, Vampire

En-Faye Public 287 18
Around the World

This guild is about the many caravans that explore the world with new clanmates; make new friends, and have some fun!

Tags: Around the World, Roleplay Guild

Desperate4Friends Public 201 7
Council of the Ancient Protectors

a guild for roleplaying being a monster slayer and monsters (vampire, werewhat ever, i.e.)

Tags: slayers, monsters, vampires, werewolves, hunters

kale kaine Public 5 3

Enroll in this mysterious campus if you thirst for romance and

Tags: vampire, roleplaying, romance, academy, mystery

PandaCoo Public 16 4
Linda Hadley's House for Unusual Youth

An rp guild for supernatural/superpowered teens.

Tags: fantasy, sci-fi, roleplaying, original, role play

The Kings Muskedeer Public 21 3
Gaia After-School Club

For anyone to come and RP in a normal after-school club.

Tags: After School Club, School Club, School Roleplay

K Milan-Princess of Filor Public 36 6
Caesar's New Regime

A guild based on simple terms, "Strength and Honor". (RolePlay)

Tags: Military, Fallout, Roman, Respect, Role-Play

RuRuro Public 206 23
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