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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Ancient and Medieval weapons and warfare

A History guild

Tags: History, Medieval, Anicient, warfare, weapons

The Metal Gentleman Private 531 1

An Assassin Role Playing Game With D&D Style

Tags: Assassin, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Role Playing, Skills

Atma311 Private 441 6
X-men: Revolution

With the school destroyed and Xavier dead, hope was lost. What will the mutants do now....

Tags: x-men, roleplay, school, powers, Original

ElegantVictiorainRose Public 1,293 10
Gundam Series Guild

Battle for earth

Tags: Romance, Mecha, fighting, Sci-Fi, Weapons

XxYukiAmanoxX Public 69 13
The Walking Dead: Fallen Society

A world where society is at war with itself.

Tags: Zombies, Apocalypse, The Walking Dead, Walking Dead, Living Dead

Turk5679 Public 91 17
TDA Bootcamp

Get ready to train recruits....It's going to be one hell of a time.

VVhite Death Private 26 1
Wolf family forever

For wolfs/people with weapons only

Tags: wolfs, weapons

ace from hell Public 40 13
The Chasers of Lyko

A private fantasy RP guild.

Tags: Role play, Fantasy, Magic, Action, Adventure

Inei Alumei Public 8 2

A post-apocalyptic setting where you try to survive this is NOT A ZOMBIE RP.

Tags: post apocalypse, survival, action

Ageha-MCD-BloodLover Public 4 1

Furry Agents Against Nefarious Guilds

Tags: mercenaries, roleplay, warfare, animal

MCSuire Public 1 2
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