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Bleach Worlds

A Bleach guild where you can have fun and RP

Tags: Bleach, Role Playing, Soul Reaper, Shinigami, Anime

IDK WTF Im Doing Public 5,916 47
Bleach: The Fallen Swords

Bleach Future, something unwanted has returned.........

Tags: Bleach, Momo, Byakuya, Toshiro, Shinigami

xXBitter-Sweet-Heart Public 2,066 26
The Soul Soceity

This Guild is welcomed to all!!!

Tags: Soul Soceity, Soul Reaper, Shinigami, 13 Squads

Cecile Silverstone Public 563 53
Bleach: Tenbatsu Okkochiru™

A Bleach Rp

Tags: Humans, Shinigamis/Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincys, Bounts,Vizards,Arrancars

X_Kurosaki Isshin_X Public 4,609 54
Bleach Fever-Catch the Fever!


Tags: Soul Reaper, Vizard, Arrancar, Fever, Friends, Love,, Bleach

Tenkie Private 3,114 20
Samurai Dueler's League (Under Construction)

Open and Accepting

Tags: Anything, Anyone, Anywhere, Active, Awesome

reality is too cruel Public 115 3
Bleach: The Still Waters of Darkness

Tags: Bleach, Espada, Darkness, Arrancar, Soul Reaper

souldew11 Public 6,215 9
Bleach A Clear Beginning ((Under Construction))

This is a bleach rp guild that anyone can join.

Tags: Bleach, Anime, Shinigami, Arrancars, Vizards

III Kushina Namikaze III Private 5,762 42
Bleach The New World Order

Bleach fan,s espicaly the arrancar fans will love this guild

Steth Kaboto Public 653 64
Bleach Chronicles

create your own character . decide your destiny, be either a hollow or shinigami

Tags: bleach, espada, rpgs, shinigami, vizard

ntfan1 Public 195 10
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