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Asians for life!!!!!

Guild may reopen

Tags: asian, filipino, chinese, vietnamese

You are Beautiful to Me Public 1,767 349
The Eastern Asian Guild! ~ Where you can actually learn stuf

You can learn many Eastern-Asian languages here, (with a few dialects). With the knowlege of many languages, you can rule the world!!!!!!!!

Tags: japanese, chinese, vietnamese, korean, filipino

lil_krazybon Public 386 146
Vietnamese guild

Mời các bạn vào guild của mình nha!!!

Tags: Vui vẻ, Thú vị, Lịch sự, Dành cho các bạn người Việt, Đánh Tiếng Việt

booh1405 Public 32 19
Viet Tigers

A vietnamese gang, lead by the family. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Tags: Asian, Vietnamese, Gangsters, Triad, Laos

MasterChief416 Public 40 22
☆The Azn Pride Official Guild☆

Teh Azn One Pride Offical Guide Azn Pride Rocks This World :D.

Tags: Khmer, Laos/Thai, Vietnamese, Korean/Filipino, Chinese

Yuumikyo Ashimayo Public 24 19
Asian Group

Please join my guild!!!

Tags: Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and more....

TurtleShells Public 121 71
Asian Girls & Guys crew!

This group is for asians & other people to join and have fun

Tags: Asians, Funny, Randomness, People of thee world, Awesome Funnn

x AznNicole x Public 42 17
Da Asain Fooda >;D

Pho Pho Pho!

Tags: Good xD, Food xD, Entertainement xD, Fun XDD

xPhoShox Public 34 47

hmmm you dont have to be asian you just gotta luv them or be them

Tags: vietnamese, japanese, chinese, viet luvers, ANY ASIANS

carsonxx Public 22 27
We Love Asian Crew

Tags: korea, malaysia, japan, singapore, and many more...

djapits Public 33 37
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