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The Fans of Stuff...

A guild for those who like stuff and to talk about stuff.

Tags: Video games, Movies, music, anime, random

Dio-the-Warlock Public 1,182 47
Youtube ★ Galaxy

A guild for youtubers to post videos, gain subscribers, and get video ideas! New Channels welcome!

Tags: youtube, channel, video, youtubers, discussion

Sunbae Sally Private 82 66
nothings gonna change my world

An Everything In Real Life RP.

Tags: roleplay, real life, video games, anime, comics

ginger batgirl Private 1,795 7
For the Fallen ones

This guild is for the fallen angels and demons out there that have the urge to chat and rp.

Tags: anime, angel, demon, romance, horror

TheNuetrality Private 1,088 2
Terra Eternal

An attempt to make an open-world freeform roleplay.

Tags: Anime, Video Game, Roleplay, Battles, Adventure

Symphony of Discord Public 10 1
The academy of adventure and discovery

A college roleplaying guild

Tags: college, roleplay, Anime, School, roleplaying

enzerubebii98255 Public 1 1
Online Video Alliance

A growing community of creative minds, for content creators and viewers alike.

Tags: youtube, video, create, film, nerdfighters

themorganashley Private 15 9
Forever Organization XIII

A guild for all you Kingdom Hearts and especially you Organization XIII fans!

Tags: organization xiii, sea salt ice cream, Roleplays, Roxas, Kingdom Hearts

XiIIia Public 11 8
A Gamers Guide

A guild with guides to various games

Tags: Gaming, Guide, Roleplaying, Events

Past Annabell Private 3 1
Shadow Black Gaming

Universal Gaming for everyone!

Tags: Gaming, Shadow Black Gaming, World of Warcraft, MMORPG, Video Games

Lucien Darkhand Public 2 1
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