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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Lost Worlds: A Multiverse RP Guild CeruleanBlue Private 5,036 58
The Ethereal Crystalline Roleplayers

A guild for rp'ers that want to see what fun and twists the rps will contain.

Tags: anime, video games, writing

Demon soul catcher Public 9,591 16
Video Chat Guild

For the awesome people who want to talk, have fun, and be cool on video chat.

Tags: Webcam, chat, social, open, awesome

Xx-DCizMe-xX Public 4 12
CupCake Lounge

Friendly Role-Playing Community

goodgollymissmolly7Z Public 1,446 79
Dorky Exerts

Discuss all your anime and video game interests

Tags: anime, gaming, manga, nerd, nerds

RompingFox Public 2 2
The Last of Us: Into the Fray

Roleplay adventures!

Tags: Roleplaying, The Last of Us, Game-based, Apocalyptic

beleiveimgothnprttyalil Private 12 2
link and link and yugioh! the gulid

Tags: yugioh, zelda, anime, manga, yugioh abridged

Misty A Darka Public 23 25
♦ ♥Down the Rabbit Hole♠ ♣

A Wonderland roleplay that takes you to the heart of the madness as you and many others live a new story.

Tags: Roleplay, Wonderland, Insanity, Madness, Alice in wonderland

i just want to roleplay Public 398 11
Calamity Mind [U/C]

The human mind, such a big place full of knowledge and power, now that power has taken form

Tags: Psionic Energy, Guardian, Modern, Action, Anime Style

Hiroto of the light Public 27 13
Pewdie's Gaian BRO ARMY

A guild for Gaian's who are fans of Pewdiepie!

Tags: Pewdiepie, Gaming, Fan club, Bro Army, Poodiepie

Sxmpiternal CR Public 2 1
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