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The Lending Hands Guild

The Lending Hands Guild is a charity guild create to help gaians achieve their dream avatars

Tags: Charity, Donating, Friends, Gold, Questing

EarthenElementalGuardian Private 45,535 309
[GO MARKEX] Gaia Online Market Exchange

Marketplace trend updates, news, exchanging, vending, and item exchange information from the official Gaia Online Market Exchange.

Tags: market place, exchange, vending, trading, commerce

LabTech122 Public 1,178 936
The Market Connoisseur

A guild of highly skilled vendors, marketers, and trend watchers that lend their knowledge to the masses.

Tags: Market, Vend, Investing, Gold, Exchange

TokenCollector Public 74 36

''Let's Make a Deal''. Monthly raffle, lotto games, shops, and more to come!

Tags: Lotto, Trading, Selling, Shops, Buying

Obey Jason Private 570 23
♪♫Hopes and Dreams♫♪

This is a charity guild. It will only be successful with helpful and active members! Help us to help you!

Tags: charity, donation, zOMG, manga, social, role playing, booty grab, race, gold, help, role play, tank, anime, advice, contests, art, events, music, dreams, spam, discussion

TheEmptyMasterpiece Private 3,328 118
T3h V3nding guild

Vend away get rich quick here is how u learn or keep going

Tags: Vend, Vends, Vender, Venders, Vending

Viewing2 Public 88 225
The Random Giveaway GUILD

The Giveaway guild - POST TO WIN :)

Tags: giveaway, donate, vend, pondfiller, best guild

Pondfiller Public 9 5
International Venders Guild (I.V.G)

vending to make it big

Tags: vending, getting rich, millionaire, selling, market place

wettest harmonica Private 5 4
Ravyneborne's Starter Vending Project.

We are a helpful guild.

Aidan Ravyneborne Private 32 7
Venders Guild

We are not just a simple cliche guild. We a community of venders.

Tags: Vend, Gold, Items

Noob Supreme Public 18 6
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