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♪♫Hopes and Dreams♫♪

This is a charity guild. It will only be successful with helpful and active members! Help us to help you!

Tags: charity, donation, zOMG, manga, social, role playing, booty grab, race, gold, help, role play, tank, anime, advice, contests, art, events, music, dreams, spam, discussion

TheEmptyMasterpiece Private 3,328 118
[GO MARKEX] Gaia Online Market Exchange

Marketplace trend updates, news, exchanging, vending, and item exchange information from the official Gaia Online Market Exchange.

Tags: market place, exchange, vending, trading, commerce

LabTech122 Public 1,178 939
Upper Gaia Twizted Child Eve Private 3,920 58

''Let's Make a Deal''. Monthly raffle, lotto games, shops, and more to come!

Tags: Lotto, Trading, Selling, Shops, Buying

Obey Jason Private 570 23
The Random Giveaway GUILD

The Giveaway guild - POST TO WIN :)

Tags: giveaway, donate, vend, pondfiller, best guild

Pondfiller Public 9 5
International Venders Guild (I.V.G)

vending to make it big

Tags: vending, getting rich, millionaire, selling, market place

Mean One Mr Grinch Private 5 4
Ravyneborne's Starter Vending Project.

We are a helpful guild.

Aidan Ravyneborne Private 32 7
Vending Inc

Profitable Family, the richest family in Gaia Online, ready to make profit of your items. EVERYONE IS WELCOMED

Tags: Profitable, Vending Inc, Item, Money, Gold

Profitable Vendor Public 14 15
Venders Guild

We are not just a simple cliche guild. We a community of venders.

Tags: Vend, Gold, Items

Noob Supreme Public 18 6
Vending With Friends

Just hanging out with friends and vendors!

Tags: thug

Vending Inc Public 8 5
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