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~Red Dragon Syndicate~

Tags: vampires, dragons, myths, anime, sanctuary

Angel Miasma Omega Private 284,043 48
+++The Fall of Roses+++

The story of Osiris City and the supernatural creatures which inhabit it. (Come play with us...)

Tags: vampires, witches, werewolves, literate, semi-literate

XCandy and LunacyX Public 3,175 92

If you love to role-play, this is definitly the place for you! If not, we still have plenty of other enjoyable activities, like

Tags: role-plays, competitions, polls, games

blueloving-vampire Public 31,424 158
Benlivo Darconian Mysteries. Knight of Roses Public 2,975 17
Serenity A Haven for Roleplayers

This guild is for the ones who like to RP, Write, and Read. There will be other stuff but mostly that. Hope you like it :)

Tags: RPing, Writers, Readers, Anime, Drawers

Ava850 Public 31,215 77
The Legion of the Almighty

We are the Almighty Empire!

Tags: Almighty, Fight, Demi gods, Power, Alliance

KJ The Undefeated Private 438 24
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Aftermath

This is an B/C guild for BTVS

Tags: Buffy, Slayer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breedables, Sunnydale

The First Slayer Public 59 11
Yokai Academy annex(under construction)

Set up to alow more students to register, YAA encourages its students to express themselves. Please join and have fun with your characters.

Tags: Rosario+vampire, monster academy, Roleplay, vampires, express yourself

Dawn Shadowblade Public 19 3
Sunnydale High

Vampires, Witches, Supernatural, Monsters, Highschool

Tags: Vampires, Highschool, Werewolfs, Witches

Harriet_Houdini Private 287 4
Sakura Academy (Open)

Welcome to Sakura Academy, school for the gifted, talented and abnormal

Tags: School Roleplay, 1X1 roleplays, Contests, Gifted

XxXIrrelivent_InsanityXxX Private 712 41
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