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Eternal Night Academy

A school for the abnormally gifted.

Tags: Role Play, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels

Ace Vladimir Shade II Public 39 9
~Kaged Black Rose Academy~

Where us creatures of the night hide in sanctuary,a guild for those who live for the thrill and excitement that comes with abnormality.

Tags: Roleplay, Academy, Fantasy, Romance, Fighting

unseen shadow moon Public 1,229 32
The Intensity of Insanity

Roleplay fun

Tags: Roleplay, Sword Art Online, Blood Lad, FairyTail, RWBY

Crystalest Dreamer Public 106 9
Belvedere Asylum

When only two people are allowed to escape, will you kill or be killed?

Tags: Insanity, Survival, Gore, Horror, Death

Geek Sama Public 859 32
αcα∂єму σƒ мαgιcαℓ αятѕ ƒσя ѕυρєяηαтυяαℓ ιη∂ινι∂υαℓѕ

An academy for the supernatural in search of power and the study of magic.

Tags: Romance, Witches, Vampires, Wizards, Drama

xSayurixx Public 225 14
DeCaprion High School (just started, accepting)

A boarding high school for any Human, Hybrid, Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, etc.

Tags: Demon, Vampire, Fairy, School, Wings

Adien Heavenly-Wing Private 550 3
✧ The Fanged Ones ✧

Where Vampires, Werewolves and others can roleplay together peacefully! Or... not.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Angels, Demons, Elves, Romance, Thrill, Suspense, Roleplay

His Fair Maiden Public 18,447 49
The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

N0b136 Public 1,363 19
NightShroud Academy Home To All Mythical & Human Beings

A Peaceful Academy for Mythical & Human beings but what happen when a villan stronger then the chairman comes to the school?

Tags: -Action-, -Romance-, -Mythical Creature-, -Humans-, -Powers-

Leyla_Blair Public 4,016 25
☾Diabolik Lovers ::: Haunted Dark Bridal☽

A guild based on the Diabolik Lovers anime/game. Even if you haven't seen the anime, feel free to join anyway! We would love to have you. :3

Tags: diabolik lovers, anime, vampires, otome, game

My Sweet Euphoria Public 18 5
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