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• Eclectic Eccentricity • A Role-play Guild •

A league of semi-cultured writers of role play.

Tags: roleplay, literate, bleach, yaoi, demon

fheromone Private 12,606 1
Merlin UK - 2008

For all you Merlin BBC lovers!!

Tags: Merlin, Dragon, Arthur, Magic, Secret

queeN kaskade Public 911 57
Homosexual and Bisexual males of gaia

A guild for gay and bisexual guys.

spelling errors Private 3,749 5
U.S.A / U.S.M.C / U.S.A.F / U.S.Nvay / U.S.Coast Guard

U.S.M.C / U.S.A / U.S.A.F / U.S.Nvay / U.S.Coast Guard; we serve the gaian people and will take offers for alliy's

Tags: U.S.A Armed forces, U.S.A.F Armed forces, U.S.M.C Armed forces, U.S.Navy Armed forces, U.S.Coast Guared Armed forces

Redneck76_4_life Private 1,056 3
Roar Out Loud!

Roar Out loud is an official Durarara Fanguild if you enjoy the show and manga then join!

Tags: Durarara, Anime, Manga, Epic, Kida

kawaii kida kun Public 562 78
The Special Relationship Guild

Everything you love about USxUK now on Gaia.

Tags: USxUK, AlfredxArthur, England x America, Hetalia, Special Relationship

Iggyland Public 54 34
The Erician Church of Squiggles

:3 is basically a random chat guild

Tags: chai, lattes, ukes, squiggles, church

Shilberu Erikku Public 20 12
Special Air Service/UK


General Smillie Private 4 11
H E T A L I A: Yaoi Rp~!

New guild, looking for active rpers that don't mind a little yaoi.

Tags: Roleplay, Hetalia, Yaoi, Anime, Active

SparkyTinMage Private 5 3
Eclipse Wolfs

Tags: wolfs, fighting, friendship, alpha male, alpha female

Annabelle Eclipse Private 12 8
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