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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Lesbian Bi Paradise

Tags: Girls Only

PLUSHY PLUSHY THINGS Private 2,025 230
Emo Central

A guild for Emos, Goths, Scene kids, and the Likes

Tags: Emos, Goths, Scene, The Likes

Yoru Inugami Public 2,300 31
[]--{{The Official Lord of the Rings Guild}}--[]

This Guild is for all the people who enjoy Lord of the Rings.

Tags: Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King

Spock son of Sarek Private 2,228 85
True Union

This is an Equal rights organisation i started two years ago under a different name, It is Based around helping obtain rights/powers.

Tags: Union, Peace, Equality, Freedom, Fighters

Ancient Saltire GviR Public 3 2
:: The Guild ::

The one guild to help guilds

Tags: guild, help, fail, please

Pale Kid in Red Public 236 30
Scootaloo's Rainbowdash Fan Club

A fanclub for Rainbowdash, made by Scootaloo. Bl

Tags: MLP Friendship is magic, My little pony, Rainbowdash, Scootaloo, Friendship is magic

Cool Kid Rawroz Public 43 3
World War III: The war to end all wars.

World War III. It has finaly come. And with devistating results.

Tags: WWIII, army, world war, military, Military Force

Major Jhon King -JSF- Private 943 2
Role play Fever

For role players of all ages.

Tags: Role Play, Seke/Uke, Vampire/Werewolf, Slave, Funny

1classical_teddy8 Public 19 4
"W.S.F.D" (A Kingdom Hearts Guild)

An alternate storyline to the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Tags: Keyblade, Hearts, Heartless, Nobodies, Worlds

Zemyx The Titan Destroyer Public 1,065 8
~The Master Of My Affections~

A Roleplaying guild for all!

Tags: role playing, furry, master and slave

Tony Starkles Public 6 2
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