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Lesbian Bi Paradise

Tags: Girls Only

PLUSHY PLUSHY THINGS Private 2,025 230
[]--{{The Official Lord of the Rings Guild}}--[]

This Guild is for all the people who enjoy Lord of the Rings.

Tags: Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King

Spock son of Sarek Private 2,228 85
Demonic Monstrosities: Clashing Together

This guild was made to roleplay and talk in.

Tags: Demon, Clash, Role Playing, Power, Elements

Loydem Private 2,088 17
Emo Central

A guild for Emos, Goths, Scene kids, and the Likes

Tags: Emos, Goths, Scene, The Likes

Yoru Inugami Public 2,300 31
True Union

This is an Equal rights organisation i started two years ago under a different name, It is Based around helping obtain rights/powers.

Tags: Union, Peace, Equality, Freedom, Fighters

Ancient Saltire GviR Public 3 2
Role play Fever

For role players of all ages.

Tags: Role Play, Seke/Uke, Vampire/Werewolf, Slave, Funny

1classical_teddy8 Public 19 4
"W.S.F.D" (A Kingdom Hearts Guild)

An alternate storyline to the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Tags: Keyblade, Hearts, Heartless, Nobodies, Worlds

Zemyx The Titan Destroyer Public 1,065 8
~The Master Of My Affections~

A Roleplaying guild for all!

Tags: role playing, furry, master and slave

Rohmanov Public 6 2
The Anime Kaizokus

An appreciation of all anime and mangas.

Tags: Anime, Fans, Club, One Piece, Manga

iDarkxAngel Public 11 6
^°^Pure Yaoi- The role playing guild^°^

A guild for all yaoi lovers

Tags: anime, roleplay, yaoi, love, uke/seme/seke

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 60 9
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