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Gaians of Oregon [Gaijin Schuldig] Public 2,880 254
⊰Private Ouran Academy ⊱

⊰An Ouran High School Host Club RP Guild ⊱

Tags: ⊰School-Based ⊱, ⊰Yaoi- Hints ⊱, ⊰Crossdressing ⊱, ⊰Host Club ⊱, ⊰Wealty ⊱

Lady Tragic Public 647 42
The Alternative Guild

Don't enjoy labels, boxes, and pigeonholes? Well here they're illegal, we love all you funky, crazy, different people.

Tags: Indie, Alternative, Roleplay, Music, Artsy

LaLaFunk is dead Public 1,503 74
Apocalypse: Z

The world has fallen into a Nuclear War... Zombies are the result. Can you survive here?

Tags: Roleplay, Apocalypse, Zombies, Fighting

Lady DuskLight Public 2,393 33
Ø Only Role playing [Yaoi] Ø

✞ Be respective ✞

Tags: yaoi, role playing, seme, ukes, seke

King Banni Public 688 20
Anarchy Amongst the Ranks

We are the anarchists, We are the Antichrists

Tags: Anarchy, Amongst, Ranks

King_Wolff_Mustang Public 519 7
When Darkness Wins. (A Bleach Based Role-play)

When The World Is At War, Who Will Decide It's Fate?

Tags: Bleach, Role-play, Fighting, Dark, Quincy

Rikku Wood Public 13 4
xX-Black Box-Xx

A Truth or Dare Guild

Tags: Truth, Dare

Multi-Cosplaying Public 132 12
Pokemon: Shining Darkness

This guild is about the game Pokemon and all the regions. It is based off of nothing particular.

Tags: SeriesRelated, Pokemon, Mystery, Adventure, Action

Sunku Public 31 3
♥ Addicted to GaiaOnline!

Addicted to GaiaOnline!

Auntie sindy Private 13 2
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