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Art Lovers Welcome this is a guild for everything and anything art. :D

Tags: Arts, Comics, Anime, Manga, Drawing

wormyxd Public 357 117
UK Gaia Guild RaiRai Private 27,492 140
The New Jedi Temple ~~x~~ Nova ~~x~~ Private 34,254 32
~~The Yaoi Drug RP~~ Oritasho Private 8,834 21
'Rule Britannia': ~ His Majesty's Royal Navy

A Napoleonic War Era Naval Campaign (1790-1830)

Tags: Royal Navy/Royal Marine, British Army, Horatio Nelson, Napoleon Boneparte, Age of Sail

Admiral Lord Cochrane Public 850 27
Wheel of Time Guild

A guild for all those fans of Wheel of Time.

Tags: Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sandersen, midevil, action

OutaiTabibito Public 7,279 6
The Beatles

Tags: Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

HistoryWak Private 2,319 272
Salem Magickal Institute

A magical school set in the J.k. Rowling universe, with some american twists.

Tags: Harry Potter, school, drama, action, romance

Setsuna Hawke Public 325 18
Yaoi Uke Guild

Yaoi Uke. Home to the Yaoi Paddle ~

Tags: Yaoi, smexy, Seme, Hentai, Guild

XX_LonelyKira_XX Public 116 30
Cuddle Buns Guild

->The guild of the anime lovers

Tags: cosplay, roleplay, contest

XxNeon-PornxX Public 19 18
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