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Yaoi guild for real Yaoi RPers.

This is a RP guild for Yaoi Rpers who's characters act like male's, not fluffballs. No offence to the fluffballs, I was once one of you.

Tags: Roleplay, yaoi, search

XxMonsieurDramaLlamaxX Private 14 7
The Offical TachixNeko Guild

Tags: yuri, tachi, neko, girlxgirl, lesbian

Nishiki Ue Private 284 21
~~The Yaoi Drug RP~~ Oritasho Private 8,834 21
Merlin UK - 2008

For all you Merlin BBC lovers!!

Tags: Merlin, Dragon, Arthur, Magic, Secret

queeN kaskade Public 911 57
~~Seme/Uke Yaoi~~

A guild where straight,bi,gay,or lesbians can hang out and chat and RP

Tags: LGBT, Seme, Uke's

Bulldog Tits Public 61 15
Salem Magickal Institute

A magical school set in the J.k. Rowling universe, with some american twists.

Tags: Harry Potter, school, drama, action, romance

Setsuna Hawke Public 325 18
Anglophilica: The Guild for all things British

A guild for anybody and everybody who's interested in British history/people/culture!

Tags: england, britain, history, people, culture

Grey-Eyed Boleyn Public 168 16
The Black Order [[ D. Gray-man Roleplay ]]

Role-Play as one of the original characters or make your own, and join the battle for the sake of humanity.

Tags: D. Gray-man, Exorcists, Akuma, Innocence, Roleplaying

The MiIIennium EarI Public 685 13
The Special Relationship Guild

Everything you love about USxUK now on Gaia.

Tags: USxUK, AlfredxArthur, England x America, Hetalia, Special Relationship

Iggyland Public 54 34
The Erician Church of Squiggles

:3 is basically a random chat guild

Tags: chai, lattes, ukes, squiggles, church

Shilberu Erikku Public 20 12
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