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The Resistance Super Guild

A super-duper everything guild for exactly that, Everything.

Tags: Freebies, Friends, zOMG, Help, Role Playing, Garden, Space, Video games, Discussions, Music, Fun, Popular, Anime, Twilight, Legend Of Zelda, Avitar Art,Suikoden 1&2, Music, Bleach

Cassandra Shiroibara Public 302 17
Shadow Sparks {{A Multi-Role-Play Guild}}

Just role play and have fun!

Tags: Role Play, xXRayquazaXLoveXx, Wolves, Faeries, Summoning

hemmopops Public 1,011 19
Y.A.Y. U.! (Yaoi And Yuri Unite!) Lunast Public 5,151 164
Cullens Haven (Twilight, random, and rp) kittie1389 Public 1,035 42
Twilight Saga Fans =]

Twilight saga

Tags: Twilight, Newmoon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Twilight Saga

dlColor Melb Public 119 93
Twilight A. Testing zone

A place of storage amongst Graphic friends.

Twilight Afternoon Public 196 1
The Legend Of Zelda Series

A guild for any who wish to Role Play, Talk, and make Fan Art for this amazing series.

Tags: Zelda, Nintendo, Games, Twilight Princess, Link

Jonni_Cress Public 752 23
~The Official Mortal Instuments Guild~

Are you a fan of the series? No haters allowed! Dare to join?

Tags: novel, angel, roleplay, mortal, instruments

Koizumi Yumei Public 200 25
~A Vision After... Twilight Continued~

Tags: Twilight, Vision, After, Continued

Ayame_Morinozuka Public 354 4
ʟ σ ʏ ɑ ʟ τ ʏ • ʆɩεs • ʜ ɛ ɾ ɛ

This is about three wolf packs!

Tags: Role Play, Werewolves, Rivalry, Wolf pack, Romance

BreakingInfinitie Public 377 1
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