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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Legend Of Zelda Series

A guild for any who wish to Role Play, Talk, and make Fan Art for this amazing series.

Tags: Zelda, Nintendo, Games, Twilight Princess, Link

Jonni_Cress Public 752 23
Animated World

An All-Round Role-Playing Guild

Tags: Resident Evil, Naruto, Twilight, Final Fantasy, Roleplaying

RosalinaxLuma Public 4,098 6
Cullens Haven (Twilight, random, and rp) kittie1389 Public 1,035 42
Twilight A. Testing zone

A place of storage amongst Graphic friends.

Twilight Afternoon Public 196 1
~The Official Mortal Instuments Guild~

Are you a fan of the series? No haters allowed! Dare to join?

Tags: novel, angel, roleplay, mortal, instruments

Koizumi Yumei Public 200 25
The Resistance Super Guild

A super-duper everything guild for exactly that, Everything.

Tags: Freebies, Friends, zOMG, Help, Role Playing, Garden, Space, Video games, Discussions, Music, Fun, Popular, Anime, Twilight, Legend Of Zelda, Avitar Art,Suikoden 1&2, Music, Bleach

Cassandra Shiroibara Public 302 17
~A Vision After... Twilight Continued~

Tags: Twilight, Vision, After, Continued

Ayame_Morinozuka Public 354 3
Shadow Sparks {{A Multi-Role-Play Guild}}

Just role play and have fun!

Tags: Role Play, xXRayquazaXLoveXx, Wolves, Faeries, Summoning

roseymuke Public 1,011 19
ʟ σ ʏ ɑ ʟ τ ʏ • ʆɩεs • ʜ ɛ ɾ ɛ

This is about three wolf packs!

Tags: Role Play, Werewolves, Rivalry, Wolf pack, Romance

BreakingInfinitie Public 377 1
Destiny Islands & Twilight Town M/M Passion

Welcome to where two worlds are split, but still find love.

Tags: RikuxSora, WakkaxTidus, AxelxRoxas, SeiferxHayner, HaynerxRoxas

Demyx-Is-Zexyz Public 4 1
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