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All Hell Breaks Loose

Prepare yourself for an epic battle between powerful, supernatural creatures

Tags: Fantasy, Supernatural, Roleplaying, Romance, Action

Lucretia21 Private 4,279 30
~Bara Garden~

a place to hang out and talk with people who like the same things you like.

Tags: Bara, Yaoi, Gays, Boys, Anime

Inukai Isuke Private 5,540 371
Trouble in Satsugai (Open/Accepting!)

This is the story of Satsugai, the seediest city in all of Japan...

Tags: Roleplaying, anime, crime, urban, romance

The American Dr Pan Private 773 45
Mabinogians of Gaia

A small, warm, cozy guild. When sending a request to join, please state who invited you.

Tags: Mabinogi, Nexon, Games, Hangout

684-Y Public 46 29
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Guild

Roleplaying Guild for all Middle Earth Dwellers alike!

Tags: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Roleplaying, Middle Earth, Tolkien

Saruman of Isengard Private 55 18
The Bored

A small, welcoming home for bored Gaians.

Tags: Roleplay, Tumblr, chatter, everything, bored

Dunder Mufflin Private 5,095 89
Creepypasta RolePlays

Like Slenderman? Jeff the killer? Masky? Ticci Toby? Come RP them here!

Tags: RolePlay, Creepypasta, Jeff The Killer, Horror, Slenderman

LadyWolf_MoonFire Public 154 20
Jai's Whatever Guild

She keeps her stuff, all her stuff, here.

Jai Bait Public 116 1
The Milano

Guild for Guardians of the Galaxy

Tags: Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel

Guardian Rocket Public 69 22
Sinister Sunrise : Baleful Moon

!! Under Construction !!

Tags: Dark, Monster, Growing, Adoptable, Pets

Robotic RedCape Public 93 9
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