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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Digital Awakening

next gen digimon

Tags: cartoon, digimon, tamer, train, fantasy

Jeff The Murderer Public 3,007 17
The Galaxy Cauldron

A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Guild, and haven for Otaku Senshi

Tags: sailor moon, otaku senshi, bishoujo

Sailor Chiron Public 8,418 146
Vampires V. Lycans

The Future of the races are yours to decide

Tags: school, vampire, fight, Anime, role play

Lady Kasxia Public 23,237 610
St. Lola's School For The Strange

This School If For The Strange. Come Vampires && Psychics, Gods && Goddesses, Demons && Fairies, && Other Gifted Beings.

Tags: Vampires, Romance, Action, Fantasy, Gifted

xXForeverFruitsBasketXx Public 1,624 26
The +Anima Guild

We are a relaxed guild for all +Anima lovers. Here you can chat with your fellow +Anima, roleplay a bit, or just get a little off topic~

Tags: +Anima, Cooro, Senri, Husky, Nana

Cappy-Tan Public 2,209 196
Bleach: Soul Silence

A roleplaying guild based on the anime "Bleach".

Tags: Bleach, Shinigami, Arrancar, Roleplay, Post Apocolyptic

Geothermus Private 1,331 13

A Transformers role-play group. Only members are allowed to post

Tags: Role-play, Transformers, OCs only

ShadowFire200 Private 16 1
PonyPrime: A Cross-Over RP Group

What would Transformers Prime Characters be like as Transforming Ponies?

Tags: Transformers Prime, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Transformers G1, My Little Pony G1, Bronies and Pegasisters

Starwolf Public 15 6
Cybertron - A Transformers Guild

A Transformers Multi-Verse Role Play and Discussion Guild

Tags: Autobot, Decepticon, Transformers, roleplay, Cybertron

Slytherin Decepticon Public 119 15
Generator Rex: Nanite Universe

A roleplaying guild based off of the Generator Rex series created by Man of Action.

Tags: Generator Rex, cartoon Network, roleplaying, action, science fiction

iAssassinSteve Public 12 2
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